Thursday, 28 February 2013

Uncle's new house in Ipoh

Last month, while we were in Ipoh celebrating Chinese New Year, we had the chance to visit our uncle's new house.

His house is located in a quiet part of Ipoh where houses still look "original".

As the house was old and deserted when he bought it, our talented uncle re-designed the house and turned it into his new playground.

He got rid of the old wooden structures damaged by termites and used mostly bricks, cement and metal for the new look. Then he created an open living hall where guests can sit anywhere they want, and scattered the house with lots of old furniture from the past. The back of the house features an outdoor fish pond and an open kitchen that comes with a huge island/worktop cast in cement.  The plants are still young and new. But the structure for the new landscape is already in place.  I'm sure by our next visit the beautiful garden will be in full bloom.

Here's what life in a kampong could look like today....

The neighbourhood.

Open house on Chinese New Year!

Home dining.
Pick a seat, anywhere.

Living and sofas.

Vintage on display.

Outdoor landscape in progress.

Life's good when it's simple!