Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vintage BMX Raleigh Burner, Singapore

Happy new year everyone, here's our first post in 2012, and we're looking forward to more postings this year with some new bikes added to our collection...more chairs and tables...and also a new section on items FOR SALE...and everything else : )

So here it is,  finally completed!! Our vintage Raleigh Burner project - DONE!!!

Raleigh Burner - side view
Burner in action....

some of the parts came from :
- OGK rims & Izumi chain from a private collector in Singapore
- BMX tyres from ebay store :
- good quality Raleigh Burner custom decals sticker from ebay Seller UK - "party-time-kids"
- new body color by Spectra Powder Coating , Singapore
- the rest from Malaysia 

Raleigh Burner - front view
Raleigh Burner - side view again : )


  1. Nice restoration. I have just found one of these exact bikes that has been in storage for 20 years (same colouring as the one in your photos) and may look at doing a minor restoration on it to bring it back to its former glory.

    1. Hey Tks! Scott for your kind comments, Have fun restoring yours!!! : )

  2. ... hi there... this is one sweet restoration... i am also busy but struggles to find a correct seat post. again... super work!